The Big Data Platform
that Meets Your Needs

Yava247 Data Management Platform is a fully supported, flexible big data platform, with all the components you need to turn your valuable data into actionable insights.

Gain access to the latest technologies, tools, consulting, and implementation services that will help you succeed. Start tapping into all that data can do and get ahead in the business competition.

Why YAVA247

  • Total excellent support from experienced and reliable staffs.
  • Ensure data safety with security and data governance supports to derive high quality insights.
  • Fast and reliable batch, real time, and streaming data processing.
  • Data analytics with NoSQL, SQL, OLAP engine, and Notebook.

Total Support

Fully supported by our professional experts. You can be confident that with Yava247, your valuable data is in good hands.


Unifies the tools and technologies that are best suited to your specific use case. Custom design and build your big data platform of choice, to help get you started and scale.


Provides a wide range of data access, processing and analytics. Supports batch, streaming, real time, massively parallel data processing.

Open Technology

Built on top of the Apache projects, giving you the advantage of the best technology with wide range of supporters and adopters, without vendor lock-in.

Enterprise Ready

Delivered with security, centralized cluster management and integrated monitoring that enable multiple workloads simultaneously.


Interoperable with a broad ecosystem, moving data from and to YAVA247 can be done easily. Allows you to reduce cost and effort, preserving investment in your IT architecture.

YAVA247 Data Management Platform provides the building blocks for running your very own data platform for data lake, analytics, machine learning, and more. With distributed data storage, data security and governance, cluster administration, data science & data visualization. Let us take care of everything else so you can focus on increasing revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction. YAVA247 puts users back in control of their Big Data; saving them time and money.