Coastal surveillance radar made in Indonesia that assists surveillance and safety on the Coastal Coast, equipped with reliable Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) technology against the threat of Radar Detectors and Jammers.

Braja CX-4M is the 4th generation coastal surveillance radar produced by PT. Dua Empat Tujuh. This radar uses a solid state frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) system with very low transmit power and frequency hopping. This capability allows the radar to carry out surveillance with signals that are difficult for opponents to detect. This radar also implements the latest hardware and uses advanced signal processing techniques so that it has superior target detection capabilities. Several Braja CX-4M Radars can be integrated into the radar network using the IRNET (Indonesia Radar NETwork) system.

What Make Us Different


Advanced radar technology, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave

Solid State Transceiver

Using Commercial of The Shelf Solid State Technology, ensures long component life

Low Power Transmit

1000 times lower transmit power than pulse radar

Frequency Hopping

Agility frequency technology with several different patterns

Low Probability of Intercept

Has a low probability of intercept making it difficult for the radar detector to detect the transmit signal

Build In Test

Monitor system performance so that it can easily detect system failures

Advance Signal Processing

Advanced signal processing makes it easy to detect targets in Low SNR environments and lots of clutter


  • Power Transmit 2 Watt.
  • Equipped with external GPS antenna connector
  • Equipped with buzzer for alert/ warning situation
  • Water and dust resistant with IP55 standard
  • Rechargeable battery and can be operated for 5 days (SART mode) and 7 days (AIS mode).
  • Support reconciliation of fishing location.


Braja CX-4M
Type Coastal Surveillance Radar
Technology FMCW Low Probability of Intercept
Frequency X-Band ( 9.345 +/- 30 MHz)
Display PPI with S57 maps
Antenna Type Slot Waveguide
Power Consumption Max 400 Watt
Polarization Horizontal
RF Bandwidth > 60 MHz
Range Scale 0.25/ 0.5/ 0.75/ 1/ 1.5/ 2/ 3/ 6/ 12/ 24/ 36/ 72 NM
Input Voltage AC 110 to 220 V, 50/ 60 Hz
Antenna Gain 30.5 +/- 1 dBi
Beam Type Fan Beam
Beam Width Horizontal: 0.7 degree
Vertical: < 22 degree
Transmitting Power 10 W (max)
Antenna Gain 30.5 +/- 1 dBi
Beam Type Fan Beam
Beam Width Horizontal: 0.7 degree
Vertical: < 22 degree
Noise Figure < 3 dB including front and microwave fiter
Receiver Number 2 Channel (IQ)
Doppler Speed Up to 31 knot
Dynamic Range > 150 dB for 100 msec observation time
Input 4 Different Channels
Converter 14 bit ADC with up to 10 MHz Sampling Rate
Duty Cycle 100.00%
Frequency Separation From 0 to 1 MHz
FM Sweep up to 60 MHz
FM Repetition Frequency 500 to 2000 Hz
Azimuth Resolution 0.2 degree
Angular Velocity Up to 24 rpm
Plunging Yes
Servo DC Motor
External Interfaces Ethernet
Humidity 0 to 100 %
Temperature Range -10 degree C to 50 degree C (Operating)
-40 degree C to 50 degree C (Storage)
Calculation Rate Velocity, range, azimuth, and elevation error angles are calculated on-line up to 1000 times/second for multiple objects
Number of Multiple Objects Up to 100
Tacking Automatic and Manual