Cultivate Digital Insights
to Uplift Your Business

MedAn247 is a leading media analytics solution that addresses the surge in social media data. The main focus is customer satisfaction by understanding social media trends to stay relevant in the fierce business competition.

MedAn247 helps to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns, make informed decisions, and detect potential threats through social media data analysis. It is an essential tool for optimizing online and social media strategies, gaining valuable insights and staying ahead in the dynamic world of digital media.


  • Insights Empowered: MedAn247 provides access to predictive analytics and real-time data, empowering informed decision-making.
  • Actionable Intelligence: With MedAn247, data is transformed into actionable insights, driving efficient and effective responses.
  • Confidence in Decisions: MedAn247 ensures confidence in decision-making through reliable analytics and timely information, maximizing outcomes.

Powerful Integration

Our product offers seamless integration with a variety of data sources, including on-premises and private cloud data storage. This allows users to access data from various sources easily.

Performance and Scalability

Our platform is designed to provide optimal performance and can scale as data grows. This allows organizations to manage data efficiently without sacrificing performance.

High Security

We place a strong focus on data security, including data encryption, strong authentication, and granular access permission management.

Advanced Analytics

Our platform is designed to support advanced data analysis, including real-time data processing and predictive analysis, giving users the ability to gain deeper insights from their data.

Main Features :

  1. Tag Cloud
  2. Sentiment Analysis
  3. Cluster Analysis
  4. Geolocation
  5. Top Person
  6. Influencer
  7. Media Share
  8. Pinned History
  9. Topic Share