Banking & Financial Services

Data Governance


Data has always played a crucial role in the financial sector. Especially nowadays, when the financial services are shifting fast towards more digitization.  

However, there are many things that can prevent an institution from realizing the potential of the available data, including accuracy, timeliness, integrity, and security. Therefore, improving data governance and compliance is a must for the financial sector.



Our client, a digital financial service company, wants to strengthen their data strategies. They realize that one of the important aspect of a modern digital financial institution to fully realize its data potential is data democratization. All users across all levels of an organization should be able to access to the trusted  data they need, when they need it. This further strengthens the need for strong data governance strategy to ensure that the data remains accurate, reliable, and protected, while providing all users with the supports and resources they need.


Objectives/Requirements :

  • Accuracy, Timeliness and Uniqueness of data
  • Data democratization, reducing the dependency on IT Department
  • Centralized management and monitoring of user role and access, with flexible workflow

Problems to be solved :

  • Issues in data ingestion accuracy , timeliness, and quality
  • Limited user can access data for exploration 
  • Uncentralized user role and access management
  • Undefined data lineage and entity relation


Data Discovery

  • Data asset exploration on various levels (projects, datasets, tables, columns, data dictionaries)
  • User queries tracking and analysis
  • Usage summaries for data assets (heavily used tables, columns, etc.)
  • Bookmarked assets
  • Data assets exploration interface
  • Alerting & Ticketing

Data Quality

  • Data profiling, data accuracy, timeliness, uniqueness, completeness, on different level of data assets
  • Data lineage 
  • Statistics data monitoring
  • Alerting & Ticketing

Centralized Management Console

  • User role and access management
  • Dynamic workflow for role and access request and approval
  • Query tracking/monitoring and management
  • Ticket management


Highlighted features

  • Automatic data discovery
  • Support various data sources
  • Dynamic workflow support


  • Facilitates IT teams in Data Quality Monitoring
  • Makes it easier for Business teams or other departments to explore data
  • Facilitates IT teams in managing user access to various systems
  • Simplify query runtime tracking