Data Lake & Media Analytics


The common challenge in data analytics for government agencies is the vast number of silos. This often prevents them from getting quality analytics results. Data lakes answer this problem by collecting  data from different sources with different formats in an integrated place. Data Lakes also provide business users with direct access to raw data without significant IT involvement, enabling users to quickly analyze data for insights.



Our client, a public service agency, has nearly 300 silo applications to support their dozens of business units. Not only that, some of the data is scattered and manually managed. Given the increasing complexity of the issues faced, and the enormous demand from industry and community for their services, the agency is taking the following actions: Increasing efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing “Single Source of Truth” ;  Improving data management and governance within the agency ;  Capture the public opinions to improve services and decision making.

For this purpose, they decided to implement Data Lake with big data management platform

Objectives/Requirements :

  • Create single source of truth to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Capture public opinions to improve services and policy making


  • Data Lake
  • Data governance including centralized Metadata Management, Master data quality management, and data domain quality improvements
  • Collecting and process unstructured data for sentiment analysis 
  • Command center dashboard

Components :

  • Yava247 Big Data Platform
  • YAVA247 Data Engineering & Integration Tool
  • YAVA247 Media Analytics
  • Web UI & Dashboard
  • BI Reporting Integration


  • Several silo applications have been integrated 
  • Monitoring can be done quickly via  command center dashboard
  • The integrated dashboard can provide more insights to  improve decision-making process
  • Horizontal scalability suitable for incremental implementation
  • Better service and regulation as a result of a better data quality and data availability
  • Media analytics helps to better understand the public needs and expectations, improve services efficiency, and gain feedback for policies and regulations