eScale C-247 is a 2nd generation IoT-based online scale produced by PT. Dua Empat Tujuh and PT. Chroma International. This eScale is a downstream product from the 3rd generation prototype developed by the Marine and Fisheries Ministry (KKP) Center for Data and Information, which has been installed in several fishing harbour locations.

The eScale C-247 online weighing product supports the fishing port digitization program. The system automatically records the type and weight of fish as well as the identity of fishermen.

What Make Us Different

Marine Grade Material

maritime standard kiosk bulit with anti-rust material

Full DC

generated with DC power source for more energy efficient

Built In Test

minimize down-time with kiosk environment status monitoring system

Integrated Camera

get richer information by capturing images of the weighed objects

Mobile apps and web-based dashboard

stay up-to-date anywhere through mobile apps and web based dashboard


  • Having several variance of the scale capacity
  • Integrated high visibility LCD 7 inch display
  • Waterproof keypad membrane
  • Automatic User ID recognition with Responsive RFID for system activation/deactivation
  • Marine grade standard of Kiosk using anti-rust material
  • BIT (Built-In Test) module for scale system environment monitoring
  • Data designed for integration with AIS data and centralized monitoring


Component Technical Specification
Marine Grade Digital Scales Interface : RS-232
Battery : 6 VDC (Rechargeable)
Battery Life : more than 10 hours
Waterproof connector
IP67 protection
LCD Display Indicator : High Visibility
Bench Dimension : 500 x 600 mm
Capacity : max. 300 kg
Kiosk Local production
Material : CompositeMaterial : Composite
Data Processing Unit Mini PC with OS Linux
User Display LCD Display 7 inch
Integrated Camera Sensor : Sony IMX 219 PQ CMOS
Resolution : 8 Megapixel
Thermal Printer Paper width : 80 mm
Print speed : 300 mm/s or 512 dots/line
Interface : USB
Support auto-cut print
RFID Reader Waterproof
Marine Grade
Power Source Voltage Input : 110-220 VAC
Kiosk Voltage : Full DC
Battery Management System
Software Web-Based Data Transaction and Management
Mobile App Based Data Transaction and Management
Built In-Test Sensor : Temperature, Humadity, and Current
Alert for Malfuction