Loyalty Management


Despite the high demands of telecommunication services, telecom companies still face a fierce competition. Especially with how easy it is to switch from one provider to another.

To overcome this, telco companies need to design, develop, and execute the loyalty programs well to make it much more attractive and memorable for customers. They also need to be able to monitor and evaluate the program, to measure the performance, impact, and revenue from each of the program.


For Indonesia telco providers, where the number of subscribers may reach hundreds of millions, the ability to handle large number of transactions and data size is very important.

Our client, a prominent telecommunication service provider in Indonesia, uses a point system reward that can be exchanged into credit, bonus, merchandise, coupons, etc. They cooperate with many third parties (merchants, partners, etc) in the programs. They also periodically hold lucky draws, where customer can participate by exchanging their points into lucky draw coupons. Customers can get points from many activities : postpaid payment, prepaid reload, regular programs from partner, or purchasing products from partners.

Objectives/Requirements :

  • Handling very large data
  • Handling large number of real time transactions
  • Handling dynamic campaign rules
  • Handling many different surrounding and third party systems


The Loyalty Management System connects with many surrounding system and perform 3 main task

  • Point Generator
  • Point Redeem 
  • Manage and execute lucky draws

Components :

  • Front end UI for campaign management and administration
  • Analysis, monitoring, and reporting
  • Back end APIs to connect with external systems
  • Load balancing for managing user transactions 
  • ETL/ELT tools for batch processing
  • Real time transactional API for inject/add and redeem/deduct points


Handling very large number of transactions for generate/inject and redeem/deduct points

Handling very large number of subscriber requests for point checking and point redeem

Revenue Assurance


The ever-changing business demands, and the constantly growing subscribers and usage necessitate a continuous development in technology, products, and business process. The revenue stream process becomes more complex as the number of subscribers, products and services offered increases. More 3rd party systems are also involved in the process, making it more complicated. Potentially significant revenue leaks might occur at various points in the revenue stream.



As a telecommunication provider with huge number of subscribers, our client needs to manage and monitor their revenue stream. With the growth of subscribers and product offerings, the revenue assurance system becomes very complex. The system has to deal with various internal as well as third party systems that supports  different business processes. The data that needs to be processed also getting very large. This is of particular concern because it affects their need to obtain accurate and timely data and reports.

Since their previous system was not suited to handle both the data growth and business requirements changes, they decided to improve it and implement big data architecture for their revenue assurance solution.


Objectives/Requirements :

  • Process very large data with various formats
  • Supports dynamic business requirements changes
  • Handling flexible surrounding system
  • Process very large data with various formats
  • Supports dynamic business requirements changes
  • Handling flexible surrounding system


  • We provide revenue assurance for telecommunication industry by using big data platform to face the business challenge.
  • YAVA247 Data Management Platform is used  as big data platform and YAVA247 Data Engineering and Integration Tools to accelerate data processing development.

The revenue assurance solution comprises of below components

  • Transaction reconciliation
  • Fraud detection and monitoring dashboard
  • Revenue control activity integration
  • Revenue assurance related repot


  • Scalable system to handle data growth
  • Facilitates RA teams in Data Quality Monitoring
  • Accurate and timely data and reports
  • Easy integration or migration from existing RA system
  • Quick deployment of new data source, process and reports

With the Revenue Assurance system, our customer can perform better preventive actions against fraud activity and further reduce loss of potential revenue.

Integrated Analytics


Analytics is key to growth and sustainability for business. However, many organization found that integration is one of the main problems. There are so many systems and data sources that already provide analytical data to a certain level. To get the full picture, they need a system that integrates them, and enhances the analytics with smart capabilities.



Our client, A financial division in an enterprise needs to operate many applications, which has its own reports and dashboards. To support top management with timely information for strategic decision making, they need to integrate all their data to draw meaningful insights. They also need to enhance the dashboard with additional information on revenue outlook and daily profile.

They need a system that can integrate all their current dashboards and reports as it is, and a robust system that collects, process, and analyze their data to gain more insights to improve business performance.



Objectives/Requirements :

  • Ensure fast and timely decision making to improve Business Performance.
  • Increase accessibility of information for Top Management strategic decision making and other business process.
  • Enrich current information not only closing data but also production data.
  • Improve data visualization for better user experience


  • Integrate current dashboards and reports, and serve it in web based and mobile apps interfaces
  • The integration is done in 2 ways :
    • Data collection and processing. This will support the ad-hoc reports and KPIs, as well as the predictive analytics module 
    • Embed existing dashboards seamlessly into one interface 
  • Predictive analytics


  • Web dashboard
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Data collection, processing, & integration
  • Predictive Analytic UI
  • Administrator module for managing user role & access and custom dashboard themes presets


Synchronized multi-platform interfaces : web and mobile (tablet, phone, android, ios) 

Personalized application : customized display for each user. Each user can create multiple profiles.

Predictive analytics : revenue outlook by products, services, etc.