Braja247 Big Data Appliance is a flexible, multi-purpose system for Hadoop and its ecosystem. Braja consists of pre-installed and configured Big Data components for large-scale big data management.

Although Braja247-Big Data Appliance comes with pre-installed components of Big Data, Braja is highly flexible and can be customized to the user’s needs, as it uses the YAVA247-Data Management Platform. The appliance runs on Linux and JVM. It includes Apache Ambari for cluster-wide administration and monitoring. For in-depth analysis, it also connects to an open-source distribution of the statistical environment of R. Rather than building your system from scratch, Braja247-Big Data Appliance eliminates the long and labor-intensive effort of choosing and configuring hardware, determining the suitable open-source components and versions, and integrating and tuning the overall configuration.

Hadoop and Its Ecosystem

Hadoop’s ecosystem is the most powerful and well-known Big Data platform. It has been widely adopted by leading internet companies, and it has proven to be very reliable. An active development community is one of the key reasons for Hadoop’s success.

Faster Time to Value

Although there is tremendous benefit in installing a Hadoop cluster, it is not a trivial exercise. It requires significant time and expertise to implement. Braja247-Big Data Appliance allows you to exploit the value of Big Data faster, allowing you to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Local Support

Braja247-Big Data Appliance is produced by Solusi247, a company with experience in Big Data for fifteen years, and supported by many experts throughout Indonesia. As a result, Solusi247 is able to provide fast and accurate expert technical support.

Cost Effective

Braja247-Big Data Appliance uses open source software components, which allow for significant cost reductions while maintaining good performance.

Unlimited Scalability

Hadoop’s framework is specifically designed to support unlimited scalability. This means that you are able to store huge amounts of data on a single platform, as you can simply add more servers to handle the increasing amount of data that you need to process and store.

Key Feature

Comprehensive Solution

Braja247-Big Data Appliance comes with a pre-installed Big Data framework, including batch-processing, real-time, and in-memory processing capabilities. With an extensive framework selection, Braja247-Big Data Appliance can cover your data processing needs.

Storage on Hadoop

The simplest use of Braja247-Big Data Appliance is using it as a medium for data storage. Detailed and old data can be stored in clusters, accessible to the user for in-depth analysis. The distributed architecture, unlimited scalability, cost-efficiency and reliability make it a very competitive enterprise storage solution.

ETL on Hadoop

Braja247-Big Data Appliance is fitted out with a variety of software and Big Data processing framework, which allows users to create ETL processes by utilizing Hadoop’s capabilities. Hgrid247-DE is one component that helps graphically design ETL processes to minimize the need for coding.

SQL Data Exploration

Apache Phoenix enables users to use SQL queries to explore data on top of Hbase, a column-oriented distributed database management system that works on HDFS.

Easy to Manage

Braja247-Big Data Appliance is equipped with Apache Ambari, a tool that facilitates capabilities in the Apache Hadoop Cluster. Ambari provides a simple and elegant user interface