Smart Campus


With the increasing need for online learning, universities need a complete and integrated campus management system. In addition to supporting online and offline learning, a good system can also beneficial to the effectiveness of academic activities, research, administrative and community service.



In order to fully support their regular (offline) and hybrid (offline+online) classes, our client, a University in Jakarta, needs to improve their system so that the academic activities can run smoothly and effectively. 

For that purpose, they need a system with:

  • Integration between the current academic system with the distance learning system 
  • A website for registering to the Merdeka Campus program (Independence Learning Program)
  • Mobile Apps for monitoring student learning progress by the students as well as their guardian (e.g. parents)


Problems to be solved :

  • Prior to the system implementation, the following processes was done manually:
    • Upload lecturer data, student data, lecture module data, etc
    • Download reports on student grades/assignments, test scores, student and lecturer attendance, etc.
  • The process of retrieving and integrating data is cumbersome and inefficient since it was done manually
  • The Kampus Merdeka program was newly launched so it has not been supported in the system


Distance Learning  System

  • Automatic integration and synchronization from and to existing academic system
  • Manual synchronization support for backup plan
  • Upgrading the online learning system

Kampus Merdeka system

  • Course registration and approval
  • Course checkout (payment)
  • Course administration
  • Course status and certificate
  • Synchronization with the core academic system

Mobile Apps

  • Student & Guardian Module
  • Alumni Module
  • Lecturer Module
  • Administrator Module


  • The integration system provides tremendous benefits from the business side because it can save time and costs
  • Relieves the administrator from manual tasks. Administrator only need to monitor the process and makes configuration changes if needed
  • The registration process and the purchase of courses at the Kampus Merdeka can be done easily
  • Certain Prospective Independent Students can get benefits in the form of discount vouchers