Why 247

Solusi247 is an Information and Data Technology company established in 2000, focusing on massive scale data processing and high technology systems. 

More than 20 years of experience in data projects, and being the first and the biggest big data cluster implementer in Indonesia have made Solusi247 a recognized and trusted big data company.

We are committed to providing products and solutions of superior value. For that, we allocate 20% of our resources in research and development, ascertaining that our customers will get high quality state-of-the-art products and services.

Based on our lengthy experience, we are aware that technological investment and suitable implementation are the two main pillars that support our business. We believe that a technological investment by itself does not guarantee business success. It also requires significant effort in the implementation process. We do not only specialize in developing the technology, but we commit ourselves into delivering the best tailored solution for every customer.

Competitive differentiators

  • The most experienced in Indonesia big data field : development, implementation, and awareness
  • Deliver products and services with the state of the art technology
  • Maintain good and easy communication
  • Provide total supports and follow through, making sure that you get the result
  • Works together with in-house team, and helps to form one if not available