Simplify big data science and analytics


A low code big data analytics and data science tools that runs on top Big Data Platforms. Enables data scientists to perform self service analytics, data science, and machine learning on large datasets without coding. Help you mine fresh insights, discover hidden values, and make the data work for you.


With YAVA247 Data Science and Analytics Tool, everyone can be a Data Scientist.


  • Increase ROI, speed up the time of data science projects
  • Boost Data science productivity and data quality
  • Make data science easy and reach your business goal faster


Takes away the complexity of getting started with data science and machine learning. You don’t need to be a data science expert to use it, just focus on building your application.


Running on top of Apache Spark, giving you the power and advantage of big data processing. Maximize your data value, no matter how large they are.

Fast time to market

Because many things are already there, all you have to do is assemble and integrate with the big data platform.

  • YAVA247 Data Science & Analytics Tools simplifies data profiling, preprocessing, feature extraction, data modeling and model evaluation for data analysts and data scientists
  • Support SQL commands, making it possible to quickly perform data analysis and exploration
  • Data visualization for easier data profiling, helps you explore the data distributions, outliers, and statistics that are essential for data preprocessing and analysis
  • Support various kinds of machine learning algorithms that can be run in a distributed manner : Regression, Classification, Clustering, Recommendation, Text Mining, and Dimensionality Reduction.
  • Supported by experts with experience in the development and implementation of Big Data and AI