Chanthel helps you build a smart office management system that Meets Your Needs

An easy and convenient data management platform that runs on YAVA247, suitable for collaboration, data management, and workflow management. Designed for you to smoothly and easily navigate, locate, and handle your data.

Created for improved working interactions and data handling, Chanthel247 can be accessed anywhere with any kind of platform on your devices. Chanthel247 is the best companion for your working platform.


Offers extensive features, ranging from intelligent file recommendations, preview messages, user status, to weather reports. With notification logs that track all the activities within Chanthel247.

All in one Document Management System

Allows users to share, modify, and preview picture or video, and perform collaborative editing with their peers anywhere and anytime.

Talk and Chat

Comes with its very own in house chatting feature where users can freely chat, share files, progress and updates, and even voice notes amongst teams.

User Management

Set administrators as superusers to manage, assign, group and revoke authority over users other then their own accounts, with each user having their own dedicated storage capacity with secure LADP login systems.

Search by Content

You can reach your data within second using search by content. This feature allows Chanthel247 to search your data by title and content of your data within clicks.

External storage

The external storage in Chanthel247 allows you to connect and mount external storage service, such as Amazon S3, SMB/CIFS fileservers and FTP servers with ease. Creating seamless connection across your existing external storage platforms.

Workflow Management

Creating workflow in Chanthel247 has never been easier. With Just drag and point, create your own workflow with ease. You can also use Dynamic Forms complete with digital stamps and signatures. Alongside a calendar to help set up schedules and reminders for deadlines and events.