Application Development

Since 2000 we have been providing our clients with services and solutions that require complex and large data processing. We’ve been working with every major telecommunication service provider in Indonesia, which are big producers and users of massive digital data. We have a team of experienced data experts, who have been working with our clients in collecting, engineering, analyzing, and reporting data for their enterprise needs.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
For data-driven decision making, an organization needs to have a well-designed and well-implemented data system and maintain a single source of truth. Our data warehouse and business intelligence solution will help you accelerate decision making and monitor business growth and trends.

Mediation System
Data mediation is an essential part in a networked data-intensive business operation. Our data mediation system solution provides complete and reliable support, ensuring easy data integration for many downstream systems, including Billing System, CRM, Revenue Assurance, DWH, etc. It also supports various data source access and format, including binary, ASN.1, text, and many more.

Customer Relationship Management
To be ahead in today’s competition, companies need to deliver exceptional customer experience. The right CRM system will streamline the sales process, helps you create, evaluate and maintain the right loyalty program, and helps you make the most from your opportunities and prospects.

Partner Relationship Management
Good business relationships are essential for the success of all parties involved. Partner management software helps optimize your relationships with channel sales partners such as specialty retailers and value-added retailers. Manage your channel, monitor your partner’s sales performance, create and manage the right incentives program, maintain smooth sales distribution and journey, and capture more opportunities with your business partners.