Hear the voice of your audience


YAVA247 Media Analytics is a news and social media analytics system that is equipped with NLP in bahasa Indonesia. It runs on top of big data architecture, so you get the big data scalability of storage and compute engine. 

Our team of expert and experienced staffs will help you set up, customized, and run the system to suit your specific needs. 

Own the system, and the data you collect, free yourself from unnecessary recurring costs, and  develop your own analysis, anyway you need, anytime.


  • Enable various input (Social Media, Forums, Blogs, Online News, etc)
  • Provide data analysis to support decision makers
  • Process large-scale data faster
  • Your own media analytics system

Complete Ownership

Not just the analytics results, but you also own the system AND the data you collect and process. Acquire the freedom to analyze and make the most out of your data.


Every organizations has unique requirement that needs a unique solution. We will customize the system to fit your specific business demand and get the best out of it.

Reliable Support

Our experienced and reliable staffs will assist you in planning, design, implementation, and operational, to help you setup and run the system.

Media and social insights enable business to :

  • Know where to reach new and relevant customer
  • Understand what message will engage them most effectively
  • Track specific campaign and customer interaction to know what works and what does not work
  • Categorize and measure customer interaction to learn about brand perception, exposure method, and future opportunities
  • Identify key areas of success to quantify ROI through changes in intent to purchase and competitor benchmarking

YAVA247 Media Analytics Features : 

  • NLP in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Built on top of Big Data, from crawling, storage, processing, to analytics
  • Owned system
  • Built-in analytics:
    • Name Entity Recognition in Bahasa Indonesia
    • Sentiment Analysis in Bahasa Indonesia
    • Automatic Content Extractor
    • Topic Clustering 
    • Top Person, Top Influencer